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Trying to link Every Things, This should give you all the link for every aspect and players included into this Campaign

  1. History Bundle

NPC (In Order of appearance)

  1. Suzy Shier Pin-Up Dancer. Primary Contact. Little Different than Maria
  2. ChloƦ She is the Hacker. Character will remain
  3. Jack Russel New introduced Character… Coming soon
  4. Mexx He a Rigger. Toys and gadjets. Maybe under uncertainty
  5. LaSenza Role not yet determined. But the eyes has been spotted.

Players (Starting with the most Awesome players of the last adventure)

Note: Please bring your idea to the games they are most welcome.

  1. Don Ramirez Sanchez: A headstrong hotshot. Big fat troll with lots of money. Brother of Juan Carlos. Difficult and unpredictable player but a good challenge for the master. Thank you for giving me a reason to master those games.
  2. Mike Johnson: This is the Demo man (specialized). He is an Orc. Many thanks for all the success. Love memory checks. Love the new system of dice.
  3. Dr DooLittle: Black market cyber resellers. Thank for the drive check. Please drive safely.
  4. Juan Carlos: Big fat troll bouncer. Brother of Ramirez. The only SINer. Love to be on the spot. But is a good support. NPC, Player.

Karma (This is the award times)

Note: This contains all the total of awarded karma based of recollection of all the adventures played. We award the karma for been there or not. We asume that all the players follows with there hearts even when they are not there.

Total Karma Awarded So far: 17 see Karma for more details

Main Page

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