Suzy Shier

Dancer and Pornstar


Charima 12 Enhanced beauty Intelligence Ukn (Logic + intuition)(Player should always be careful with beauty)

Given has a contact to all players who join the campaign Loyalty 2, Connection 4

Perception skill (high) Etiquette Any Lvl 6 Knowledges are unknows (but she knows)


She dance at the club Pussycats Doll’s in the Las Vegas Quarter’s in Seatle. Since the new war those Clubs are the only legal way to go across the low and the mid class. She will give to players informations about somes missions. Those are usually information she heard through her relations. Nobody knows where she come from and why an elves is working in this club.

She is naughty and intuitive. Don’t make mistakes, you’ll never get a chance with her. She knows so many people that nobody will ever heard of you again. If she give you a job, she thinks you are the man. Make sure it is done or don’t comeback empty hands.

She is a no mess.

Suzy Shier

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